Linux Question Part 1

  1. What is UMASK?
  2. How will find available port ?
  3. How to delete files that are older than 10 days?
  4. Explain the logic for monitoring alert.log , filesystem check.
  5. How will you pass arguments to a shell scrits? How will you call them inside the shell?ow to check how many number of arguments passed and list out them?
  6. How to check the previos command that was execute is successful?
  7. How to check the following?
    OS release
    CPU count
    Ram size
    users groupname
    CPU utilization
    IO utilization
    virtual memory utilization
  8. Which command is used to find the process that was locking/using the file?
  9. which command is used to find the user who is using the file?
  10. How to change the ownership of a file?