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Hadoop for developers is created for developers who are keenly interested in learning Big data analytics and hadoop. We help you understand how data is stored in Big data and with the help of Hadoop how this data is processed using HDFS. We will also provide you with hadoop ecosystem hands-on experience. Projects which include multiple domain knowledge.

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Bigdata Hadoop for Developers Course Key Features

  • Apache
  • String
  • Array
  • Installation
  • Configuration

Big Data Hadoop for Developers Course Overview

The course module gives you an introduction to Apache Spark and Hadoop platform, Spark deployment, SCALA and its benefits, abstract knowledge on SCALA session, Apache KAFKA and it’s operations. SACALA is a functional programming language which runs on JAVA. Apache KAFKA is a streaming system for integrated real-time streaming products. SPARK is a multi-language engine which uses HDFS to write and read files.

  • What is Hadoop platform
  • Why Hadoop platform
  • What is Spark
  • Why Spark
  • Evolution of Spark
  • Apache Spark Installation and Configuration
  • Apache Spark – Core Programming (Spark Shell, RDD, Transformations, etc…)
  • Spark Deployment Using Scala
  • Functional Programing vs Object Oriented Programing
  • Scalable Language
  • Scala Overview
  • Benefits of Scala
  • Scala Functions
  • Scala OOPs Concepts
  • Scala Abstract Class
  • Scala Trait
  • Scala Access Modifiers
  • Scala Array
  • Scala String
  • Scala Exceptions
  • Scala Collections
  • What Is Apache Kafka?
  • Apache Kafka Overview
  • Apache Kafka Cluster Architecture
  • Apache Kafka Installation
  • Apache Kafka Basic Operation
  • Producer example
  • Consumer example

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  • Graduates/Freshers looking to advance their careers in the field of technology and development
  • Students who are just beginning to explore their career options
  • Non-IT professionals seeking a new domain or a career change in the IT industry
  • Working professionals who want to improve their skills in order to perform more efficiently
  • Certifications/Training for corporate companies
  • Companies seeking technical support services

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    Learning with sdbt gave me the technical confidence I needed to clear the Oracle DB Program, which helped me land job offers with an excellent pay raise in just six months. I’m thankful to my trainers for providing me with insightful knowledge.

    – Rahul

    Acquiring skills with sdbt increased the value of my career. I was grateful that sdbt assisted me in gaining a stronger foothold during the learning process. Now I work as a full-time Developer for an IT firm.

    – Sheela

    To get a job in a technical role, I needed the right skill set. Sdbt assisted me in achieving this goal and even set up interviews with a reputable organisation. My salary was increased by 60%. I began as a Developer but struggled due to a lack of advanced knowledge and joining sdbt was one of my career’s best decisions.

    – Pradeep

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