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PHP is among the most popularly used scripting languages, and this course will teach you the fundamentals of the language so that you can build your own website or help improve one. Know the power of PHP as you advance your website development skills. Discover the fundamental concepts that PHP developers must master during this course. Your professional trainer integrates realistic presentations to ensure you have a clear understanding of the fundamentals with coding examples that also include exercise files to give you real-world experience. You will also learn PHP syntax, the development environment, and other fundamental concepts. We will also teach you about more advanced topics such as database storage, object-oriented development using the standard PHP library and SQL commands.

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PHP Training Course Key Features

  • Web Hosting
  • CSS Customization
  • Debugging Data
  • LAMP/WAMP Server
  • Strings Arrays
  • MYSQL Database

PHP Training Course Overview

During this training the course helps you have a discover and empower your skills with core understanding on the concepts like HTML, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Debugging, Array, PHP, LAMP, MySQL database, Cookies, Data Manipulation, Web hosting. Maintenance and Project Model. With our experts you will also learn how to use databases, programming, PHP security, Package manager, debugging, API database and Web hosting.
  • Introduction to HTML and HTML5
  • HTML Editors
  • Formatting and Fonts
  • Commenting Code
  • Anchors
  • Backgrounds
  • Hyperlinks
  • Blocks
  • Lists
  • Tables
  • Frames
  • HTML Forms
  • Layout Elements
  • Responsive
  • The need for CSS, Introduction to CSS
  • Basic syntax and structure
  • Inline Styles
  • Embedding Style Sheets
  • Linking External Style Sheets
  • Backgrounds
  • Manipulating text, Fonts, icons, links
  • Margins and Padding
  • Positioning using CSS
  • Menu Creation, Gradients, Pagination, Border Box and Animation
  • Media Query and Responsive Design
  • Template Customization
  • Introduction
  • Core features
  • Data types and Variables
  • Operators, Expressions, and Statements
  • Functions
  • Objects – Array, Date and Math related Objects
  • Number and methods
  • Events
  • Document Object Model
  • Event Handling
  • Controlling Windows & Frames and Documents
  • Form handling and validations
  • Debugging
  • Introduction
  • How web works
  • Setting up the environment (LAMP server)
  • Programming basics
  • Print/echo
  • Data types
  • Variables and constants
  • Strings and Arrays
  • Constant
  • Operators, Control structures and looping structures
  • Functions
  • Reading Data in Web Pages
  • Establishing connectivity with MySQL database
  • Advanced PHP Concepts
  • Session
  • Cookies
  • Filter
  • Date and Time
  • File Create, Write
  • File uploads
  • Error Handling concepts
  • Creation of base tables
  • Data Definition Language (Create, Alter, Drop, Rename)
  • Data Manipulation Language(Insert, Update, Delete, Select)
  • Model Project
  • Diagrams
  • Design, Coding
  • Implementation
  • Web hosting and Maintenance

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  • Graduates/Freshers looking to advance their careers in the field of technology and development
  • Students who are just beginning to explore their career options
  • Non-IT professionals seeking a new domain or a career change in the IT industry
  • Working professionals who want to improve their skills in order to perform more efficiently
  • Certifications/Training for corporate companies
  • Companies seeking technical support services

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    Learning with sdbt gave me the technical confidence I needed to clear the Oracle DB Program, which helped me land job offers with an excellent pay raise in just six months. I’m thankful to my trainers for providing me with insightful knowledge.

    – Rahul

    Acquiring skills with sdbt increased the value of my career. I was grateful that sdbt assisted me in gaining a stronger foothold during the learning process. Now I work as a full-time Developer for an IT firm.

    – Sheela

    To get a job in a technical role, I needed the right skill set. Sdbt assisted me in achieving this goal and even set up interviews with a reputable organisation. My salary was increased by 60%. I began as a Developer but struggled due to a lack of advanced knowledge and joining sdbt was one of my career’s best decisions.

    – Pradeep

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