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This course is designed specifically for candidates who want to learn and implement Oracle 12C in the operations and maintenance management domain. We will teach you the fundamental to advanced concepts and skills needed to perform your Oracle Database administration tasks. Those interested in application development, data warehousing, business intelligence, and analytics will benefit from this course.

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Oracle 12C DBA Course Key Features

  • Linux Oracle
  • TNS Listener
  • Logical Backup
  • Data Tuning
  • Rman Configuration
  • Composite Data Types

ORACLE 12C DBA Course Overview

This course’s module will assist you in comprehending the environment preparation DBA structure. DBA usage of Linux, database concepts, TNS, data backup, cloning Rman, stats pack tuning, utilities, bundle patching, ASM architecture, and other key concepts to administer Oracle database.

  • Product and Editions
  • Release 5 values
  • Licensing
  • Tier Architecture
  • Operating System
  • Databases
  • Future of DBA
  • Preparing Environment
  • Linux Installation
  • Oracle database installation
  • Silent mode installation
  • Automatic Startup and Shutdown
  • Xming
  • Architecture
  • Query Flow
  • SGA
  • PGA
  • BG Process
  • Startup and Shutdown
  • Manual db creation
  • Startup & Shutdown
  • Dbca Creation
  • Controlfile
  • Logfile
  • Archive logfile
  • Manage Tablespaces and Datafiles
  • System/Sysaux
  • Storage parameters
  • Space parameters
  • Undo
  • Temp
  • Partition
  • Fragmentation
  • Flashback
  • Index
  • Roles and Profiles
  • Dbms Jobs and Scheduler
  • Umb Backup
  • Umb Cloning
  • Umb Recover
  • System
  • Undo
  • Logfile
  • Datafile
  • DB Link
  • Materialized View
  • Export Parameter
  • Import Parameter
  • Exp Cloning
  • Expdp Parameter
  • Impdp parameter
  • Datapump Cloning
  • Configuration
  • Commands
  • Backup
  • Rman Cloning
  • Catalog Cloning
  • No catalog Cloning
  • Active Cloning
  • Rman recovery
  • PTTR
  • Incremental Backup & Recovery
  • Sql Tuning
  • TKprof
  • Stats Pack
  • ASH
  • ADDM
  • AWR
  • Wait events
  • Nid
  • Cscan
  • Log miner
  • Orapwd
  • Dbv
  • Oerr
    • Opatch utilities
    • Version Patch
    • CPU/PSU Patching
    • Bundle Patching
    • Interim Patches
    • Upgrading database from 11g to 12c
      • Architecture
      • Configuration of Physical standby
      • Physical to Logical Conversion
      • Switchover
      • Failover
      • Dgmgrl
      • Active Standby database
        • Asm Architecture
        • Bg process
        • Asm with grid installation
        • Adding and Deleting Disks
        • Creating database files using asm
        • Asm to Non-asm
        • Non-asm to Asm
        • Asm disk rebalancing operation
        • Disk failure

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        • Graduates/Freshers looking to advance their careers in the field of technology and development
        • Students who are just beginning to explore their career options
        • Non-IT professionals seeking a new domain or a career change in the IT industry
        • Working professionals who want to improve their skills in order to perform more efficiently
        • Certifications/Training for corporate companies
        • Companies seeking technical support services

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          Learning with sdbt gave me the technical confidence I needed to clear the Oracle DB Program, which helped me land job offers with an excellent pay raise in just six months. I’m thankful to my trainers for providing me with insightful knowledge.

          – Rahul

          Acquiring skills with sdbt increased the value of my career. I was grateful that sdbt assisted me in gaining a stronger foothold during the learning process. Now I work as a full-time Developer for an IT firm.

          – Sheela

          To get a job in a technical role, I needed the right skill set. Sdbt assisted me in achieving this goal and even set up interviews with a reputable organisation. My salary was increased by 60%. I began as a Developer but struggled due to a lack of advanced knowledge and joining sdbt was one of my career’s best decisions.

          – Pradeep

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