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This course is designed to provide you with proper application knowledge about RAC in Oracle Database. With our real time training and exercise modules you will get handson on knowledge about Installing, Setting up an oracle cluster database.

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Oracle 12C RAC Course Key Features

  • Clusterware Oracle
  • RAC Database
  • Flex Cluster
  • Grid Infrastructure
  • Grid Patching
  • Cluster Management

ORACLE 12C RAC Course Overview

Oracle 12 RAC is one among highly demanded skills in the field of DBA. Our course structure will help you have a deep knowledge about how it is done. The course includes Prerequisites of RAC, Clusterware Architecture, Installation and Verification of Grid infrastructure, Managing cluster nodes, Traditional Maintenance, Patching and Troubleshooting of clusters by enabling HA.

  • Linux Installation in Virtual Box
  • IP Configure for RAC in Linux Machine
  • Storage options to maintain RAC databases
  • NAS configure for RAC storage
  • What is a Cluster?
  • What is a Flex Cluster?
  • Clusterware Characteristics
  • Oracle Clusterware
  • Hardware and Software Concepts (High level)
  • Shared Storage Overview
  • Cluster Storage Requirements
  • Clusterware Initialization and OHASD
  • Clusterware Process Architecture
  • Location Independent Names, Addresses and Name Resolution (GNS, SCAN, VIP..)
  • Shared GNS Background and Architecture
  • Configuring shared GNS
  • Migrating to shared GNS
  • Moving GNS to Another Cluster
  • Flex Cluster Architecture
  • Configuring Flex Cluster
  • Flex Clusters and Node Failure
  • DB Link
  • Materialized View
  • Shared Storage for Oracle Clusterware
  • Checking System Requirements
  • Single Client Access Name for the Cluster
  • Redundant Interconnect Usage
  • Kernel Requirements
  • Groups and Users
  • Shell Settings
  • Oracle Validated Configuration
  • Installing Oracle Grid Infrastructure
  • Installing Flex Cluster
  • Verifying the Oracle Clusterware Installation
  • Adding Oracle Clusterware Homes
  • Prerequisites for Running
  • Adding a Node with
  • Configuring the node role
  • Removing a Node from the Cluster
  • Oracle Clusterware startup and shutdown
  • Administering the Oracle Cluster Registry Disk file
  • Network Administration
  • What-If Command Evaluation
  • Clusterware Admin Tools Review
    • Policy-Based Cluster Management Overview
    • Server Categorization
    • Policy Set
      • Out-of-Place Oracle Clusterware Upgrade
      • Types of Patches
      • Obtaining Oracle Clusterware Patches
      • Rolling Patches
      • OPatch Overview
      • Installing a Rolling Patch with OPatch
      • OPatch Automation
        • Asm Architecture
        • Diagnostic Framework Support for CRS
        • Cluster Health Monitor Enhancements Overview
        • Component level checks – cluvfy with -comp
        • Resource Debugging – Java Tools and Dynamic Debugging
        • Troubleshooting Node Evictions
        • Log files and Diagnostic Collection
        • The column Utility
          • Oracle Clusterware HA Components
          • Resource Management Options
          • Server Pools
          • Overall flow diagram of HA lifecycle (crs_profile, crs_register, crs_start….)
          • Clusterware Resource Modeling
          • Creating an Application VIP
          • ONS and FAN overviews

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