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Devops Kubernetes is used on various platforms such as Azure and AWS. The course aims at covering integration and implementation of Azure Devops. We will also cover Kubernetes clusters, Deployment Kuberenetes. You will perform DevOps with Kubernetes on multiple cloud platforms using Terraform (Infrastructure as Code) and Azure DevOps (Continuous Delivery) (AWS and Azure).

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Devops Kubernetes for Developers Course Key Features

  • PODS Creation
  • Scaling PODS
  • Deployments
  • Configmaps
  • Secrets
  • Namespaces
  • Security
  • Resources

Devops Kubernetes Course Overview

The Devops Kubernetes is designed for learners who want to get certified in Kubernetes Administration. We try to cover the dockers Swarm, Kubernetes cluster, Pods sets, YAML, Deployments, Maintenance, Configmaps, Namespaces and Managing resources. You will learn the fundamentals of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery and how to put them into practice with Azure DevOps. You will learn how to Create Kubernetes Clusters and Deploy Docker Containers of Microservices to Kubernetes on the Cloud with AWS EKS and Azure AKS using Azure DevOps Pipelines. You will learn the fundamentals of Azure and how to implement Infrastructure as Code.

  • What is Kuberneties
  • Quick study of Docker Swarm
  • Container Vs POD
  • Deployment process
  • Installing Kubectl
  • Installing minicube
  • Creating a Local Kubernetes cluster with minicube
  • Creating a cluster
  • Defining Pod through declarative index
  • Running Multiple containers in single pond
  • Creating a cluster
  • Creating Replica sets
  • Operating Replica sets
  • Creating a cluster
  • Creating services by exposing ports
  • Defining Multiple objects in the same YAML file
  • Creating a cluster
  • Deploying new releases
  • Updating deployments
  • Zero-downtime deployments
  • Rolling back failed deployments
  • Scaling Deployments
  • Enabling ingress controllers
  • Enabling Ingress controllers based on Paths and Domains
  • Passing configurations from files
  • Passing configuration from Key / Value laterals
  • Defining configmaps as YAML
  • Exploring Builtin secrets
  • Creating and mounting Generic secrets
  • Exploring Virtual clusters
  • Exploring namespaces
  • Communicating between namespaces
  • Deleting namespaces
  • Accessing Kuberneties through API
  • Authorizing requests
  • RBAC authorization
  • Replacing users with groups
  • Container Memory and CPU resources
  • Measuring Memory and CPU resources
  • Defining Resource defaults and limitations with in a name space
  • Managing Resource quota

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  • Graduates/Freshers looking to advance their careers in the field of technology and development
  • Students who are just beginning to explore their career options
  • Non-IT professionals seeking a new domain or a career change in the IT industry
  • Working professionals who want to improve their skills in order to perform more efficiently
  • Certifications/Training for corporate companies
  • Companies seeking technical support services

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    To get a job in a technical role, I needed the right skill set. Sdbt assisted me in achieving this goal and even set up interviews with a reputable organisation. My salary was increased by 60%. I began as a Developer but struggled due to a lack of advanced knowledge and joining sdbt was one of my career’s best decisions.

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