Lab 10 – Oracle -export and Import Questions and Lab

1. How will you see the contents of a given dumpfile?

2. Given a linux server and oracle is installed on it. How will you create a full database wil the given full export dump?

3. Having a table of size 10g and undo size is 1g, how will you import the table without increasing the undo size.

4. how will you avoid the error “exp-00091:exporting questionable statistics”

5. What are the types of backup in exp?

6. how will you export some part of data in a non partitioned table ?

7. how will you export a partiton in a table ?

8. What is the performance parameter in exp and imp?

9. how will you export only structure without data?

10. how will you only only data without index? But, i should create the index later. explain the steps.

11. How will you export a table of size 50Gb ?

12. How will you export 20 tables out of 1000 tables from 2 different schema ?

13. What is the use of compress=y ?

14. What is the use of consistent and object_consistent.

15. How will you monitor the export backup?(feedback)/v$sqlarea

16. Steps to export transportable tablespace.

17. Explain schema refresh without missing grants?

18. Export post schema refresh activities.

19. What is the use of resumabe_timeout


21.What is the parameters involved in exp amd imp as best practise in environments.

22. What is the use of ignore?